Being Present: 9 Tips On How To Live In The Moment

Being Present: 9 Tips On How To Live In The Moment

Being Present: 9 Tips On How To Live In The Moment 1920 1280 Aaron Sansoni

It is certainly possible to be so caught up in the world of business, at being an entrepreneur that you are capable of forgetting or knowing how to live in the moment. This can be a serious mistake. It’s so easy for an entrepreneur to set him or herself a series of goals and then set about achieving same. But those who are successful in making things happen the way they should are those who know what it’s like to live in the present.

There are two main benefits of knowing how to live in the moment. You are undoubtedly more productive in all that you do and second, you get more out of life, you enjoy living. He must have heard people talking about learning how to smell the roses. The people who don’t live in the moment and who are so tied up in thinking about their work are those who miss out on that vital ingredient of enjoyment. So here are some steps you can take to make sure you are living in the moment.


1. Less haste more speed

It’s a very old adage and one which has stood the test of time. You think that if you rush you’ll finish the task sooner and therefore be able to do more things then move on to the next task. That’s wrong. That is certainly not how to live in the moment.


2. Draw up a priority list

Not having a list is an unproductive way to work and not having the tasks on the list set out in order of their priority is equally as bad. If you spend more time in the preparation of doing your work rather than simply jumping in, you’ll become more productive. In fact the people who set out to do less actually finish up doing more if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Concentrate on doing one thing really well and then watch how your productivity improves.


3. A change is as good as a holiday

You are a human being and not a machine. You should never schedule a timetable of activities where there is little time to rest and take your mind off your work. You need to have a break. The number of breaks you have and the length of the breaks depends on you and your activities but stop trying to work on a nonstop basis.


4. Looking or observing

Many of us look at things without taking note of what it is we’re seeing. As a result we miss out on educating ourselves or discovering something new or having a great experience. Observation is an acquired skill. Ask yourself some questions. What is that person wearing? What does that tell you about their taste, status, age, possible career and more? Train yourself to stop looking and to start observing.


5. Doing nothing is doing something

This too may sound like a contradiction in terms but there is more than a grain of truth in that statement. Having a complete switch off can be a great idea. You can recharge your batteries; shake out the cobwebs and just about any other metaphorical improvement you can think of. It’s not a matter of having a break but rather having a break where you do absolutely nothing. It need not be long and only a few minutes can suffice. This type of doing-nothing break helps you to live in the moment.


6. There is no crisis only the next ball

The world’s first superstar of cricket, W. G. Grace was known to have said just that. It’s no good worrying about what might happen later today or tomorrow or next week or whenever. Just concentrate on the task in hand and focus on the present. Anyway, tomorrow never comes.


7. Develop your listening skills

As an entrepreneur you have many skills and ideas and with enthusiasm often want to share these with people. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what will really help you become more productive and learn how to live in the present is to develop your skills to listen to the other person. Talk less and listen more is a great way to help you live in the moment.


8. Go slower

It’s so easy in a busy life to rush and particularly so when a project or campaign you are working on is reaching its climax. You rush to and from appointments and you rush through the tasks on your desk. This is a no-no if you want to live in the moment. You need to learn how to slow down, how to control the pace at which you are living.


9. Meditation can happen anywhere

There are many books and videos and webinars preaching the benefits of meditation. It’s not an activity which need take up a great deal of time but those who practice it find that it reaps many benefits. Consider meditation. Be serious about helping yourself learn how to live in the moment.