Are You Staying Match Fit?

Are You Staying Match Fit?

Are You Staying Match Fit? 1200 700 Aaron Sansoni

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Are You Staying Match Fit?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts on social media around there being two types of people during this pandemic.

On one side, there are the active, productive, and motivated people who have used this time to leverage on what they currently have and used this to their advantage.

On the other side, there are those who have felt like this situation was a ‘personal attack’. They are the ones binge watching Netflix, not getting out of their PJ’s, and blaming the world for their problems.

Whichever group you fit into currently and throughout the course of this pandemic, think to yourself… am I staying match fit?

Right now, we are in the off season. If you look at the greatest sport athletes out there, one of the most important things they need to focus on during this time is staying in rhythm. Staying mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for their next game.

Do you think that straight after the Olympics Usain Bolt goes home and doesn’t train again until a month before his next tournament? No. He takes his victory, uses that drive to continue his pre-season training, and becomes even stronger than before.

Do you think the AFL players have stopped training because they aren’t currently playing any games? No. They are continuing their training to make sure that when restrictions are lifted and their season can begin, they are ready to go.

They are staying match fit.

Mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to win the next game.

The challenge with this pandemic is that some people have taken their foot off the accelerator. As businesses and the economy struggles, it is easy to slow down, or even come to a complete stop. People are losing their match fitness.

Do you know why this is good for you? Your competitors are getting weaker, while you have the opportunity to grow stronger.

When we come out the other side of this, we will all be standing at the front line ready to start running. Some of us will be sprinting out of the start line. Others will still be warming up as the gun goes off. Some of us will be match fit, and others will fall out of the game early. They won’t be as mentally sharp, focused, physically or financially fit.

They have not kept themselves in a position to win.

What we need to do now is make sure through this crisis we are doing everything we can to stay match fit.

Make sure you keep learning and educating yourself.

Create that game plan for what you are doing to pivot now.

Create that game plan for what you will do once restrictions are lifted.

If you look at a professional team, if they are winning early, they get their spirits up. That energy and momentum keeps them going for the whole game.

This enables them to go through the season and start to win more games.

Then they aren’t only winning games, but championships.

You’ve got to be match fit. Don’t be left alone when the race starts, instead be ready to win early in the season, to then go on and create your empire.

What are you doing to stay at the top peak of your performance?

Will you be ready and warmed up at the start line for when that gun goes off?