Elevate Your Company Culture

Elevate Your Company Culture

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Elevate Your Company Culture

It is easy to say that your company has a ‘good’ workplace culture. This is one of the leading questions that potential new employees ask in the hiring process, so of course you want your answer to be something along the lines of ‘yeah it’s great, we’re like a family here’.

Now is the time to ask yourself, what are you actually doing to live out this ideal? What does a ‘good’ company culture actually look like? Is it this new millennial way of letting puppies into the office and having weekly drinks at the pub down the road? Or can it be something as simple as letting your team members know when they’re kicking butt?

First of all, you have to understand what you actually want from your team. What ideals do you want them to fulfil?

Have a look below at how I illustrate this to one of my companies. The ‘ASG Way’ – otherwise known as ROLE.

R – Relentless

–       We do whatever it takes

–       We get it done

–       We always get the result

O – Obligation 

–       We live in obligation

–       We love our students

–       We love our team

L – Leadership 

–       We are self-leaders first

–       We show up

–       We take ownership

E – Excellence 

–       We find answers

–       We keep evolving

–       We deliver empowerment, education and experiences

It is not a top-down responsibility to ensure your team is living the way of ROLE. This is a structure that shows to your team the beliefs, and essentially the true core of what your company is and work towards being. Interestingly enough, the visions of this process are intangible. There is no fixed point at which you can monitor when a team member has succeeded in ‘living in obligation’ or evolved to their highest point. This is something that needs to be practised every single day.

How do you let them know you’re noticing their efforts? You tell them.

Letting your team members know you notice the effort that is being put in behind the scenes is crucial to creating a positive company culture and work environment.

Granted, it can be intimidating giving direct praise to team members and managers, particularly if this is not a practise that happens in your workplace often. Take an hour out of your week to sit down with your team and create an open forum to celebrate the small stuff. It’s not just about celebrating the results, but the journey of getting there.

Remove your teams feeling of needing to go above and beyond to get their hard work seen, and show to them that even if you haven’t noticed, then chances are one of their co-workers have. This is not just a celebration of individuals, this is the celebration of a team.

So, what’s your companies version of ROLE?