About Aaron Sansoni

Aaron Sansoni

Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist and Best-Selling Author.

Aaron Sansoni, or ‘Mr Empire’ as he has become known as, is a serial entrepreneur and has built a fortune in business by starting, building, and investing in over 130 companies to date. He’s also an internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, popular social media authority and has sold over 100,000 books to date.

Aaron is the Chairman of Sansoni Management, a successful private equity firm with interests in Media, Technology, E-commerce, SAAS, Education, Sports & Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail, Aerospace, Health and much more.

Aaron has dedicated much of his life to not only building his own business portfolio but helping others to do the same. He’s travelled the world and has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues and shared the stage with business icons, including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world-leading speakers Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss and Dr Eric Thomas to name a few. Aaron has personally trained over 700,000 students in 132 countries across over 150 industries, both on and offline, through his training spanning almost two decades of mentoring.

Growing up in a disadvantaged environment and a broken home in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Aaron grew up one of seven children. He spent most of his time playing basketball and thinking of inventions and business ideas that he hoped would change his life. As a troubled kid he was told he had attention deficit disorder in his early school years and was often told by his teachers that he wouldn’t amount to anything.

By age 9 Aaron was doing a regular paper round. By 12 he had started his first business, a local car wash for the neighbours. Barely passing high school Aaron found himself working in sales while still pursuing business ideas in his spare time. Eventually Aaron would go it alone and become a full-time entrepreneur and investor learning a lot of hard lessons on the way.

These days Aaron splits his time between running Sansoni Management and educating budding entrepreneurs on how to build their own business empires trying to pay it forward.

As giving back is such a big part of Aaron’s philosophy, He along with his wife, founded the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, a charity set up to help those in need in Australia and abroad. 100% of all donations are passed on to our charity partners each year. The foundation’s most recent endeavours led them to raise and donate over $200,000 to UNICEF in only 2 hours. Previous endeavours include donating another $200,000 to the Monash Paediatric Emergency ward in Melbourne, feeding 250,000 Australians with Oz Harvest and many other causes in the last 7 years the charity was formed.

Aaron is also a dedicated husband and a father to a son and daughter.

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Aaron Sansoni

The man who built an empire

Aaron Sansoni, the new breed of selling superstar, is an international speaker, best-selling author and recent nominee for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 & Australian of the Year 2017. Featured in over 20 publications around the world, Aaron runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe. Aaron is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Dr. Eric Thomas.

Aaron has affected the lives of over 2 million people, in 41 countries from over 100 industries on and offline through his training spanning a decade of mentoring. As a global authority on Activation® he’s authored his best-selling book ‘Think Like’ which explores the millionaire mindset enabling anyone to build an empire of their own.

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Aaron Sansoni has shared the stage with:

Richard Branson & Aaron Sansoni

Richard Branson

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Aaron Sansoni has shared the stage with:

Aaron Sansoni’s Expertise

Aaron Sansoni has shared the stage with business icons such as Sir Richard Branson and has affected over two million people in 41 countries.

Aaron Sansoni has sold in every type of environment from the streets to the boardroom achieving phenomenal results for himself, his sales teams and his students.

Aaron Sansoni runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe.

“Sales Is Cool Again”, is the global mission Aaron Sansoni started to remind everyone of the importance that sales plays in our day to day lives.

Aaron Sansoni and his company, Paragon Global Investments, invest in many new start-up businesses around the world, providing funds and leadership to many entrepreneurs.

Aaron Sansoni has personally mentored 1000’s of business around the globe in almost every industry achieving unprecedented results.


A Life Changing Experience That You Simply Cannot Miss

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