3.5 Days Of Intensive Training with Aaron Sansoni
Monday 21st September 2020 - Thursday 24th September 2020

“The most anticipated Virtual Event of the year. 3.5 days that will change your business & life!”


About Sales Mastery Virtual

Due to immense demand for the training, Aaron Sansoni has created a FULLY IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE to present Sales Mastery Virtual to you over the course of 3.5 days. Live Streamed from his brand new custom designed 360-degree studio, expect the first of its kind highly interactive experience for you to tune in from anywhere in the world.

Learn from the most in-demand Sales Trainer in the world as if he is with you in your living room…

Are you going to let this time stop you? Or are you going to invest in yourself and come out of the other side firing?

Aaron is coming out firing… and he is ready to help you more than he ever has before with the highest quality production sales training in Australia!

Aaron Sansoni will show you all the tools you need to successfully grow a remarkable and profitable business in the shortest time possible.

Even if you’ve never sold anything in your life… you will be able to by the end of this.
If you’re a seasoned sales professional, you will make more money after this.

Everything you need will be shown to you at Sales Mastery Virtual– step by step, move by move…

Aaron Sansoni has trained thousands of Sales Teams around the world with his unique approach to selling and has helped over 300,000 people in 42 countries obtain amazing results.

He will show you the EXACT systems he has used to grow multi-million dollar businesses in a FULLY IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE that will take you step-by-step, move-by-move from where you are right now to where you want to be… EVERYTHING you need will be handed to you on a platter!

At Sales Mastery Virtual, you will learn:

The Sales King Ultimate System – Turn Key Solution

Easy Strategies & Systems to Multiply Your Sales by Mastering the 5Cs and Your Mindset

Profit Mindset Techniques to Supercharge Your Success Drive

Strategies to Creating a Waterfall of Prospects Immediately

Generate Mass Quality Leads Into Your Business Without a Phone Call

The Steps to Engage Anyone’s Full Attention in 3 Seconds

How to Build Unconscious Connection with Anyone

The Five 21st Century Buyer Personalities

Creating Massive Rapport & Connections

Understand Your Buyers’ Hidden Motivations

Understand Your Buyers’ Decisions and More

Find a Customer’s Real Needs and Wants

Qualify Your Prospects to Maximise Your Time

Present Like a World Class Speaker

Grow a Superstar-like Personal Brand

Effectively Close Deals

How to Close the Deals Easily, Quickly and Confidently

Use 21 Killer Closes That Never Fail

Learn to Identify and Overcome Any Objection

Get Full Retail Price Every Time – No Discounts!

Get Referrals Every Time Even if They Don’t Buy

Turn Every Listing Into a Tribe Member

Apply the Secrets of Top Sellers

Use Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Influence and Increase Your Impact


Create a Millionaire Mindset, Clear Vision and Plan


Innovate And Take Control Of Your Business Ready For Massive Change


Dominate With World-Class Marketing Strategies Built For Today’s Buyers


Create Multiple Streams Of Income For Your Business


Add Massive Value To Your Clients And Create Raving Fans


Find, Build & Keep The Right People & Team Around You


Enhance Personal & Business Performance


Sell or Move Out of Your Business Ready for Retirement or Expansion


Grow an Empire of Businesses Working for You While Creating a Legacy

42 Countries
300,000 Students
2 Million Inspired

Aaron Sansoni’s students have made over 8 Billion Dollars in the last 12 months alone through their personal and team sales

 DAY 1 


  • We’ll take you through the Five C’s that you need to master in order to be a rock star influencer and persuader
  • Learn the certainty principal by uncovering your WHY?
  • Create a peak performance mindset and conquer limiting beliefs
  • Find clarity on specifically how to achieve your dream profit

 DAY 2 


  • 34 Lead Generating Magnets to attract the 21st century buyer
  • 7 steps to creating an Irresistible Offer
  • Key insights into the shifting landscape of lead generation
  • Quick-win formula for qualified leads hungry to buy today


  • Magnetically engage clients so they hang on every word you say
  • Learn the 4 critical factors to mesmerise your prospects
  • Demystify and understand the secrets to the buying path
  • Discover how to build rapport, understand buyer personalities, and grow a lasting connection with your clients that will have them eating out of your hands
  • Use the secret golden tongue technique to convert your clients instantly

Enrol Part 1

  • Uncover the most in-depth information from each and every person you present to
  • Learn to easily and effectively have each prospect hanging on your every word

 DAY 3 

Enrol Part 2

  • Develop key ways to present you, your business, and your service to elicit agreement and long-term loyalty from your prospects
  • Learn the secrets of embedding, looping, and deflecting to find EVERY prospects hidden values and ideal price tag in seconds


  • Aaron will show you his 21 ‘Killer Closes’ to instantly make a sale
  • Learn the key components of having your prospect ask to sign paperwork
  • How to close 85-98% of every presentation without exception
  • Secret strategies that helped Aaron make millions in sales in a matter of minutes!
  • Find out how to close prospects that you once thought impossible to close and have them love you for it!


  • Learn how to outperform the competition by leveraging your database
  • Understand how to get more revenue, more often, by creating a ‘tribe’ of followers
  • Use millionaire techniques to work half the day with double the results

 DAY 4 


  • Create lifetime value clients who’s children will use your services
  • Keep every client uncontrollably happy
  • Turn your clients into a Tribe of raving fans within 90 days or less
  • Learn the 12 closely guarded secrets of creating a tribe of raving fans


  • Easily learn to leverage your success from 5 to 6 to 7 figures
  • Be handed Aaron’s 11 P’s of success that he’s learnt from the worlds Billionaires
  • Amplify your influence using the 10 tools used by the world guru’s, celebrities and leading entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to put everything you’ve learned together to utterly crush your competition—hands down!


    • Joined by Australia’s #1 Social Media Expert Kerry Fitzgibbon for a not to be missed Social Media masterclass
    • Deep dive into Facebook advertising
    • Blue print your sales plan for total dominance
    • Speed selling
    • Learn to celebrate the wins and set clear goals
    • Secret surprises every attendee will fall over when they find out

Sales Mastery Virtual is unique in its delivery and content – think of your time with us as an exciting MENTORED SALES TRAINING PRODUCTION with a difference. Each day you will be immersed in cutting edge training led predominantly by Aaron, as well as practical exercises you can learn from home, guided through by Aaron’s Performance Team of fully qualified and certified master coaches and trainers.

By the end of your training, what you learn at this FULLY IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE will be second nature, and you will be well on your way to generating a fountain of leads, converting up to 90% of these leads into sales, and overall increasing your Income, Impact and Influence®. To produce the perfect vision, it is important to develop the perfect action, which is why you’ll have your hand held by Aaron and his team every step of the way. 

The immersive production of the entire event will make you feel part of an EXTREMELY INTIMATE AUDIENCE, and closer to Aaron than even if he were presenting to you in person. Aaron is able to converse with you individually throughout the training, and partner you with a coach and team of students to really make the training an ALL-ROUNDED IMMERSIVE WORKSHOP. 

Illuminate the hidden mysteries of your business, so that when you do go back to implement in the real world, you’ll be armed with the right strategies to see your business flourish. 

Aaron Sansoni

Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist, Best-Selling Author and Recent Nominee For Australian Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an EMPIRE. Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist, Best-Selling Author and Recent Nominee For Australian Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year. Featured in over 20 publications around the world, Aaron runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe.

Aaron is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Dr. Eric Thomas.

Aaron has inspired the lives of over 2 million people, in 42 countries from over 100 industries through live events and online training in his mentoring work which has spanned over a decade. As a global authority on Activation he’s authored his best-selling book ‘Think Like’ which explores the millionaire mindset enabling anyone to build an empire of their own.

But where did it all start?

Growing up in a disadvantaged environment and a broken home in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Aaron grew up one of seven children cramped under the same roof. He spent most of his time playing basketball and thinking of inventions and business ideas that he hoped would change his life. He was told he had attention deficit disorder in his early school years and was often told by his teachers that he wouldn’t amount to anything.

By age 9 Aaron was doing a regular paper round. By 12 he had started his first business, a local car wash for the neighbours. At age 16 Aaron realised his passion for sales and went on to work in everything from door to door, over the phone and face to face sales achieving phenomenal results along the way. By the age of 23 he had amassed over a decade of sales experience, knowledge, training and world travel and opened his first consulting firm with the goal of helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the world realise their full potential, a goal he still has to this day.

Aaron now splits his time between running his successful investment firm Paragon Global Investments and traveling the globe to educate business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs on how to build their own business empires. He is also a dedicated husband and a father to a son and a daughter.

Recently Aaron has taken his philanthropic endeavours to a new level with the creation of the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, a charity setup to help those in need in Australia and abroad. This came about after years of personally donating to, and helping raise awareness for other charities including the Kathleen Keegal children’s fund which oversees two orphanages in Sri Lanka that care full time for children who are orphaned or in need of a stable home. Aaron and the orphanage help in providing a safe and loving environment.

Aaron is a mentor to top CEO’s, athletes and celebrities and has helped his clients to make billions of dollars in sales from his four-award winning global education brands.

Aaron Sansoni is considered the World’s #1 21st Century Sales Authority.


Jamie Totino

Aaron Sansoni Trainer, Entrepreneur & Event MC

Jamie Totino, from a tradie and aspiring football player to building six businesses and brands in under 18 months. Most recently nominated for the Telstra Business Awards, Jamie is now directing his businesses to new heights and transforming them into national franchises.

Mariecris Tagala

Aaron Sansoni Master Coach, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Over the last decade Mariecris has helped hundreds of people nationally create wealth through building a profitable Property portfolio and expanding their mindset through personalised business and mindset consulting. 

Kerry Fitzgibbon

Head of Digital Marketing at Famously.com.au

For the last decade, Kerry Fitzgibbon has been working with businesses all over the world, helping them implement the very latest Facebook marketing strategies. As a former radio host and TV journalist, Kerry has been involved in high-level marketing and communication for over 17 years.





Door Price: $5,995.00

• Access to full 3.5 day immersion training




Door Price: $9,995.00

• Front Row VIP seating
• Private group briefing with Aaron Sansoni Master Trainer
• Signed copy of Aaron Sansoni’s ‘Think Like’
• Access to full 3.5 day Immersion Training
• VIP Briefing & Networking Morning of Day 1

Where you will be seated


If at LUNCH TIME DAY 2 of the virtual event you are not totally 100% convinced that this training will help you double your sales results, then just let us know. Send back your manual and handouts and we will send you a full refund for what you paid within 14 days of the event, no questions asked.

Why spend 3.5 days with the best in business?

Learn from the most in demand and EFFECTIVE sales trainer in a WORLD FIRST 360 DEGREE IMMERSIVE SALES TRAINING. Aaron Sansoni has made hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients – and he will show you actionable strategies to double your sales after immediately take off one of the full stops. Learn how to create authority in real estate sales, how to build trust and authenticity, as well as create a waterfall of leads—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For the first time EVER, he will share his latest techniques and trade secrets, telling you PRECISELY what you need to do to utterly dominate your marketplace. It’s worked so many times now that Aaron is no longer guessing and experimenting with what he THINKS will work, but as long as you implement the techniques, he KNOWS it will work.

Aaron Sansoni has built multi-million dollar empires personally by using the VERY SYSTEMS HE WILL TEACH YOU at Sales Mastery Virtual. LITERALLY handing you the keys to your business, so you can replicate what Aaron has done – EASILY and EFFECTIVELY. All you have to do is follow his STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEMS and implement them into your own business to see phenomenal results; sometimes in as little as 48 hours—it’s as simple as that!

We tell you this not because we want to impress you, but because we want you to know that unlike most of the so-called gurus out there Aaron walks the walk and TALKS THE TALK. 

Save time and money

By accessing Aaron’s 20+ year sales learning curve – in just 3.5 days!

Notably Australia’s #1 Sales Trainer, Aaron’s massive experience and results make it hard pressed to find a mentor in Australia with the level of student results Aaron has produced. If you’ve seen Aaron Live across social media or on online webinars, you’ve only seen about 1% of what he can do…imagine hundreds more golden nuggets served to you in Aaron’s BRAND NEW FULLY-IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL ARENA over the jam-packed 3 and a half days.

We want you to truly achieve the ultimate lifestyle, to reach the pinnacle of your dreams and to ultimately increase your Income, Impact and Influence®.

A multi-million dollar portfolio, a fleet of cars, dozens of investment properties, running a charity, or simply devoting more time to your family while doubling your current income – get ready to live a true Life by Design. Nothing would make us happier than for YOU to have what you deserve… because your success is our success.

To help you achieve this we will show you the exact business model, strategies and systems that our clients and ourselves know works like a charm – EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.

Aaron Sansoni has inspired the lives of over 2 million people in 42 countries and over 100 industries.




Bret Thompson

Highest paid copywriter in australia

“I’ve personally watched, from start to finish, Aaron take a team of very average sellers from 3 million p.a. in sales to 40 million p.a. in sales with the same team in only 18 months. He’s the real deal, the best I’ve ever seen.”

Suzy Niemeyer

Successful Business Owner

“My Sales Team have made 6 million in commissions in the last 5 months and that’s mostly thanks to our amazing mentor Aaron Sansoni. Our future looks very bright”

Dr Eric Thomas

World’s #1 Motivational Speaker

“After an hour or two plane ride with Aaron he added a zero to the end of my business. Blew my mind.”

James Mclauchlan & Barbara Maneschi

Jambar team building – singapore

“He took us from a standing start to $200,000 in our first year then a million last year and on track to do even more this year with our Sales Team, thanks Aaron.”

All our students built their wealth through starting, or building their own business

So what’s the solution?

Why go through the frustration of trial and error, and the risk of wasted time and money, when there are mentors who have gone through it and done it before able to help and keep you focused? Not just any mentors – the right ones who have a track record of ongoing success. With that in mind, we are personally inviting you to this 3.5 day fully immersive virtual event to uplevel your Income, Impact and Influence® with Australia’s leading Sales Trainer. You’d be crazy to miss out.

Why is Sales Mastery Virtual unique ?


Aaron Sansoni will help you realise your vision of a multi-million dollar business and see it flourish immediately. No one teaches sales like him or has the international credibility in Australia to share. His offering of actionable strategies, practical takeaways, consumable information and direct approach, makes his training second to none. Plus it has been known that students actually make money while AT the event using the techniques he teaches… so don’t even wait 24 hours to start implementing!


Sales Mastery Virtual is not just someone talking at you about fluffy strategies. Aaron can call on you at any minute throughout the 3.5 days to coach you individually and directly, and his team of master coaches and trainers will be on hand to answer any of your questions as well. You will learn practical, hands-on strategies and techniques that you can implement directly into your business.


This is the most complete transformational and unique event ever offered in the industry, where you will be shown how to fast-track the skills and results you need to become a multi-million-dollar business—way ahead of your competitors. Get ready to increase your Income, Impact and Influence® immediately. Aaron Sansoni’s approach is DIRECT so be ready for that!


Prepare to be blown away by the quality and interactive elements of the entire production. This fully immersive virtual arena will provide a closer than front row experience, like having Aaron right there with you in your living room! With opportunities to be coached by Aaron’s team of fully qualified and certified master coaches and trainers as well as the ability to speak to Aaron individually, this is truly going to be the highest quality production of its kind in Australia!

What Previous Attendees Thought:

Real Results from Real People

 Event Details 


Monday 21st September 2020 – Thursday 24th September 2020

All times are in AEST. Check with your time zone to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Sales Mastery Virtual Event Times:

Day 1 – Registration opens at 11.00am. Experience begins at 12.00pm – 5.00pm
Day 2 – 7:30 am registration for 8am start – then 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Day 3 – 7:30 am registration for 8am start – then 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Day 4 – 7:30 am registration for 8am start – then 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Opens 11am and closes 11.30am SHARP for a 12.00pm start on Monday 21st September 2020. If you don’t register before 11.45am you will not be able to attend the event.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • No, this event won’t be recorded, and will only be available through the Live Stream in the hours set out over the 3.5 days. Make sure you set aside time so you can attend the whole time and get the most out of Aaron’s teachings. This is not a webinar, the entire event is fully immersive and you will only get out what you put in, so make sure you’re there!

  • Yes. You will quickly realise there is a linear process to Aaron’s sales strategies. Make sure you set out enough space in your calendar for all 3.5 days.

  • Your workbook will be sent to your home prior to the event along with other mystery gifts that you will be able to open on Aaron’s request throughout the event.

  • You’ll be sent out numerous emails and video introductions and training prior to your event. You must consume all of these to ensure you are ready to maximise your experience and learning. If you are watching the virtual event from home, we would recommend you lock yourself away in a quiet space to be fully focused on Aaron’s teachings.

  • Absolutely anybody that is a business owner, sales professional or entrepreneur and wants to double their sales in half the time.

More Questions?
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Expect these results once you have completed the Sales Mastery Virtual:

You’ll Have Taken Control Of Your Business And Personal Destiny

Be Able To Build Mass Value Around Your Company And Attract A Waterfall Of New Business

How To Create A Million Dollar Business From Scratch For A Lot Less Capital Than You Think

Be Able To Create A Fail-Safe Business Plan That Makes Anything Possible In My Business, Including Attracting An Avalanche Of Cash

Have The Exact Systems And Strategies Used To Create Aaron’s Personal and Student Successes

Create A Vision And Find Your Why-Identify And Clear Limiting Beliefs From Your Mind To Prepare For Success

Be In Charge Over Your Financial Destiny Through The Most Powerful Money Creation Tool On The Planet – Business!

Business is the magic bullet to creating massive success, wealth, and fulfillment. Even as the highest paid person in your field, success comes from learning to multiply your success and lead others to achieve, be and do MORE!

Imagine being able to start a new business instantly in any economy quickly and easily? Imagine having a team around you who share your vision, your mission and work just as hard as you? To some that might seem crazy and unachievable – but I’m here to tell you, no, actually I’m here to SHOW you that it’s not crazy and in fact it’s simple, and anyone can learn it and it works.

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