Time to Build Your Empire.


Are you ready to start your first and not sure where to begin? Do you have ideas and concepts but not really sure how to put them into action? You are not alone. Aaron has been there, he has tried ideas for a business, failed more times than he can remember but still he kept trying. He has felt the stress you are feeling and knows how much uncertainty it can cause. Now he wants you to learn from his mistakes so that you can begin your business journey the right way.

Getting the right advice and direction from an expert will help decrease your learning curve.

Mistakes have cost Aaron more than learning has in the last 15 years of being in business. If he had the tools and training that he is about to share with you, Aaron would have built his empire so much faster and lost less money and time in the process. Aaron has designed this course using his knowledge of coaching and mentoring over 300,000 people across the world so that you can Live a Life by Design, Not by Default.

The Modules

START with Aaron Sansoni™ is broken into 4 Modules that will take the stress out of starting your own business.

  • Module 1: New Business Idea

    New Business Idea Checklist

    Aaron goes through each of the 13 steps that he uses when he is thinking about starting a new business. Do you have a great idea that you have been thinking about for a while but not sure if it’s going to work? Aaron will walk you through it step by step. 13 Steps include

    • The Problem it solves: is there a market for this?
    • What’s the bank zone? Knowing the ideal spot where you will make money
    • Who’s the Ideal Customer: Age, gender, demographics
    • Seed investment needed: How much money do you need to start this business
    • Market inquiries: Who can you speak to in the market to get some information
    • How can this scale: Is their scalability in this business idea?
    • Mentors & Advisors: Who has done it before or taken through the process
    • Who can I partner with: Money partners for investing, skill partners in an area you need help in, and connections
    • What’s the competition like: Are there many competitors in the area? What’s their business model?
    • IP Control
    • Industry Regulations: What do you need to know about the industry you want to start in
    • Ads to test the market: Test to see if that’s what people want
    • Sell it before you build it: Presell before you have it ready to go
  • Module 2: Instant Income Businesses

    Instant Business Ideas

    Aaron will give you a list that even if you don’t have an idea right now but still want to start a business, you can take any one of these ideas and using this course to create a revenue making business

  • Module 3: Business Basics

    Business Basics

    Aaron goes deep on the basics of building your business in Australia

    • Registering a Company & Business Name: The different types of business and what that means
    • Superannuation: Setting up to pay yourself and employees superannuation
    • Taxes: The different types of taxes and what that means for you

    Understanding Intellectual Property (IP)

    Aaron’s person IP lawyer Stuart Gibson will take you through what you need to know about intellectual property. Starting a business, you need to be thinking about the best way to protect your intellectual property and set up your trademarks properly so that you can set yourself up for success. Stuart is the guy that celebrities, politicians and fortune 500 directors go to for advice and guidance on protecting their intellectual property.

    Registering a Domain Name

    Aaron takes you step by step through the basics of registering a domain name for your new business in less than 1 day.

    • Checking that the domain you want is available (.com.au & .com)
    • Registering the domain
    • Hosting of the domain
    • Buying the domains in the countries you expect to do business in
    • Free website builders to get a site up and running or investing into someone building you one
  • Module 4: One Page Business Starter

    One Page Business Starter

    This is the most important component of the whole course. This one-page document will let you launch your business with ONE PIECE OF PAPER. Aaron is going to take you through the business starter and how to use it effectively. This is the FIRST step in getting your business going. 11 steps to creating your business include

    • What’s the big idea? Creating a clear “wow” introduction for your business idea
    • Your revenue streams: The goals and how you measure them
    • Customer Avatar: Who’s your target market?
    • Customer Challenges: Real pain points of your customers
    • The Solution: Way that you solve your customers challenges
    • The Bank Zone: core element of your solution that makes it unique and bank-able
    • The Pricing: How will you package your solution and what will it cost
    • The Messaging: Clear and Compelling message that explains why your solution is worth buying
    • Go-To-Market: Channels used to market and sell to your customers
    • Investment needed: Costs required to start the business
    • Empire Opportunity: Ideas to scale the business and create a business empire
  • Bonuses Included:

    • Business Basics. Not only how to discover whether your business idea has leverage through Aaron’s Business Checklist valued at $129
    • 31 Instant Income Generating Business Ideas valued at $49. Even if you don’t have an idea right now but still want to start a business, you can take any one of these ideas and using this course create a revenue making business
    • One Page Business Starter blueprint valued at $49 so you are able to completely create your business from scratch. Aaron has used this blueprint his entire career and still uses it today.

You can literally launch your business using ONE PIECE OF PAPER. Some of these blueprints Aaron has never shared before outside of his private mentoring students, but he knows that what he is sharing will help you launch your new business successfully.

START with Aaron Sansoni™ is the first step everyone should take in building a business from the ground up. When Aaron was writing START, he started with the end in mind. That is to help you develop and launch your idea using tips, tricks and blueprints that Aaron has designed and used successfully. Step by step, move by move, Aaron will take you through the key areas for starting your business and give you all the tools you need to START.




Each of these courses are available on their own, or for people looking for rapid growth and empire building you can purchase all four courses as a package and really accelerate your business. All the videos, blueprints and templates at your fingertips to create the business that will lead to your Life by design.

Live by Design, Not By Default.

Once you have completed this course you will be fully equipped with the tools that I personally use to start your brand-new business.

You’re ready to START, then its time to BUILD on your foundation and take your business to the next level. Click here to find out more about the next step in the series… BUILD.